Ford Fiesta ST200 is the most powerful production Fiesta ever [+Video]

Still sulking over the fact that Ford won’t build a Fiesta RS? This might cheer you up. No it’s still not the full-blown RS version of the lovable Fiesta, but Ford has sprinkled more magic dust over the Fiesta ST to create this Fiesta ST200.

The hint is in the name. ST200 means 200PS (or 197 hp) that is still deployed to the front wheels, which is around 10 percent increase over the “standard” Fiesta ST. Torque figure has risen too, from 240 Nm to 290 Nm. All this come from the same 1.6-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost as the ST that has been “specially calibrated”. On top of that, an overboost function will release another 15 hp and 30 Nm for up to 15 seconds.2016-Ford-Fiesta-ST200-002

The engine is not the only thing that has been tweaked. Ford has also shortened the final drive ratio from 3.82 to 4.06 for an even livelier in-gear acceleration. Zero to 100 km/h sprint now takes just 6.7 seconds (0.2 seconds quicker than the ST), and top speed has also increased from 224 km/h to 231 km/h.

To make it stand out from the “regular” ST, Ford has given the Fiesta ST200 a Storm Grey paintwork along with a set of machined matte-black alloys. Inside, the ST200 gets the highest trim available which includes the half leather upholstery with contrasting silver stitching and subtle silver detailing on the seatbelts.2016-Ford-Fiesta-ST200-009

Before entering the production line in June, the Fiesta ST200 is going to debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. Deliveries will commence this summer in Europe.



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