This piece of news is probably one you’ve been dreading to hear come true, but the outcome is simply unavoidable. It’s the same old story; devaluing Ringgit, rising production costs, rising operating costs and so on. As such, the prices will go up from a minimum of RM312 to RM2,021, depending on the model.

Proton has already been absorbing the increase of manufacturing costs since August 2015 by optimising operational costs through several rationalisation programmes. However, there’s only so much they can do, and the Ringgit’s 20 percent depreciation in such a short period of time didn’t help at all. Despite that, Proton is still offering promotions and cash rebates of up to RM6,200 for selected 2015 models with a low 2.8 percent interest rate for all Proton cars.iriz

At press time, Proton has yet to update its product pricing up to this point. Currently, there are six models on offer – the Saga, Persona, Preve, Suprima S, Iriz and Exora SUV. This year, the Perdana model will make a return, followed by the upcoming launches of the new Persona and Saga models. If all goes well by the end of 2016, we may just see Proton and Suzuki’s first ever co-developed product make it to life.

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Travis Chang
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