Subaru Levorg appointed as BTCC race car, the return of racing wagons!

While station wagons (or estates) are mainly for the practical minded, putting a fast engine into a wagon is somehow addictive. What more when they’re meant to go flat out and engage in some heated fender benders with other race cars at the track.

Subaru is currently the latest car manufacturer to join the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC),  and they’ve appointed the Levorg wagon to hit the ground running. Subaru, together with Team BMR, will field two touring car legends, Jason Plato and Colin Turkington, for glory in this year’s BTCC.

To conform with BTCC’s standards, the team swapped the car’s all-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive configuration. The standard engine is also removed to make way for a 2.0-litre turbocharged boxer unit from Mountune Race Engines.2015 Subaru Levorg -

While putting a wagon against a field of fast hatches such as the Honda Civic, Ford Focus, and Mercedes A-Class may seem like a handicapped affair, the team remains optimistic with their Levorg race car. The wagon’s strong drag coefficient, punchy boxer engine, low centre of gravity and better weight distribution are among the strengths identified.

The Levorg also became the third wagon to join the BTCC after the exploits of the Volvo 850 in 1994 and more recently, the Honda Civic Tourer. Besides, who would love to see fast wagons perform two-wheel over corners? We do!


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