CES 2016: Bentley’s ‘Monster by Mulliner’ gets 3,400-Watts of power!

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to those of you who aren’t in the know, is an internationally renowned annual gadget and tech expo that showcases the coolest and the cutting edge of technical innovation. But what, you may be asking, are car manufacturers doing at CES ? Seems a tad bit out of place doesn’t it?

On the contrary, actually. The relationship between cars and technology couldn’t be any closer. Autoweek reported this week that 10 percent of the 2.2 million square feet display space at the Las Vegas Convention Center has been allocated to car manufacturers such as VW, McLaren and Bentley. Why? Because people simply aren’t buying cars based on reliability and the number of horsepower (for the most part anyways) but rather the cool toys that come with them.2016-Bentley-CES-Mulliner-Beats-Monster-3

But the part we’re interested in is the 320 km/h Bentley Continental GT V8 S, dubbed the ‘Monster by Mulliner”. Those familiar with the Beats brand will definitely recognise the name Monster. Bentley Motors’ bespoke coach-building division, Mulliner has teamed up with Monster to create a stunning show-stopper for CES 2016. Most would call it an odd coupling, but so was Sonny and Cher, and they worked – sort of.

Aside from the jaw-dropping way this bespoke GT V8 looks like, it’s on the inside that one will discover the business end of this club-on-wheels. The exquisitely handcrafted interior features Beluga hide and a piano black finish for the trimming. You won’t find Mulliner’s new stone veneer here but rather you’ll find a 3D Laser-etched fascia panel that exudes intricacy.

Thumping this Continental along is a whole bunch of speakers selected by the man, Inventor and Head Monster Noel Lee himself. He selects the 16 speakers that will find its way into the GT. Not only that, Noel will personally tune the entire setup of the show car himself. The end result is 3,400-watts of awe-inspiring Pure Monster Sound – the company’s signature audio profile. Let that number simmer in for a bit. That number is enough to jump start the party at a club. Believe us.2016-Bentley-CES-Mulliner-Beats-Monster-2

Noel Lee said, “Monster is proud to collaborate with Bentley on bringing the sound and look of a Monster ride to those who want something bold and different. With our Pure Monster Sound system, the drive will be truly incredible and brings a new level of excitement to the driving experience. That’s why this collaboration for the Continental GT V8 S is such a perfect fit.”

We could not agree more with Noel on that thought. While Bentley will always be at the top-end of luxury vehicles, this collaboration shows the world of Bentley’s youthful vigor. Where you’d usually find the ‘Bentley’ name plate on the door sill now says ‘Always Lead Never Follow’ which is of course Monster’s tagline.

That being said, The GT looks phenomenal on the outside, with a unique body kit and radiator shell bezel adorned in Hotspur-red accents while the body is licked in Onyx-Black and so are the wheels. Capping off the stance is the red painted brake callipers.


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