Renault-Alpine to make a comeback, teases new sports car concept

Not to be mistaken with the Alps, Alpine is actually a long-forgotten performance-wing of Renault that specialises in making sports cars. After years of hibernation, Renault is set to relaunch the Alpine brand, along with a new sports car in February.

The company posted on their Twitter account suggesting that a “monumental moment” will occur on 16 February 2016. The not-so-cryptic message read “We wanted to announce our comeback but some would say we never left”, hinting at the return of a long anticipated sports car.alpine_celebration_concept

While no specific model is mentioned, the A120 is most likely to be it, evolving from the A110-50 concept car unveiled back in 2011. The A120 could be powered by a 200 hp 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine which powers the Clio RS hot hatch. The car is set to give the Audi TT and Porsche Cayman a run for its money.

Look out for more of Alpine’s revival in shades of blue this coming February!



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