Mercedes-Benz hybrid cars remain tax exempted for 2016

Last year was undoubtedly a runaway success for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) following their rapid lineup expansion and efforts in locally producing some three of their core models. However, this news brings not just one good news, but two!

Firstly, MBM’s customers will continue to benefit from import duty and excise tax exemptions for both their existing hybrid cars, the Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTec Hybrid and Mercedes-Benz S400L Hybrid.Mercedes-Benz-CKD-Cars-3

Secondly, pricing for all Mercedes-Benz models will remain unchanged for the time being, but there’s no guarantee that prices won’t go up later this year. MBM’s Vice President of Passenger Car Sales and Marketing, Mark Raine said, “We will not increase the prices across the board at the start of 2016, but will continue to monitor all influencing factors.”

The company is set to reveal their sales performance throughout 2015 on Friday and have also hinted on launching their range of SUVs (beginning with the GLE on 14 January) this year. Meanwhile, be sure to give the price list below a look.

2016 Mercedes-Benz Pricing -

2016 Mercedes-Benz Pricing -

2016 Mercedes-Benz Pricing -



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