Ford’s unicycle may soon be built with your car’s rear tyre!

Picture this: there’s a terrible traffic jam ahead of you and you need to reach your destination fast. You stop your car, take out the rear tyre and build a unicycle. You proceed to ride it, and soon enough you’re passing each and every other cars caught in the same horrendous jam. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well apparently, this could someday be real, thanks to Ford!

It was reported that Ford is in the closing stages of patenting an idea of having a car’s rear tyre that can be converted into a unicycle. It’s also described as a “self-propelled unicycle” that can be “selectively disengaged with the vehicle for independent use”. An electric motor attached to the unicycle’s single hub will be used to propel the unicycle.FiestaST_09

So, imagine taking out the rear wheel of a Ford Fiesta and putting it onto a unicycle. It is not only the solution to beat traffic, because for all you know know, you could be having more fun on the road!

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However, as this is still in the early stages, it would take some years for Ford to come out with a working concept before it goes into production. But as cities get increasing congested (KL included), this could well be the ideal solution to our traffic woes and environmental concerns as well. However, one question remains – will it pass the NCAP crash tests?


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