All-new Nissan NP300 Navara launched in Malaysia, priced from RM79k to RM120k

Edaran Tan Chong Motors (ETCM) has just launched the all-new Nissan NP300 Navara as the successor to the ever popular Navara D40 with the help of International Trade and Industry Minister II, Dato Seri Ong Ka Chuan, who was accompanied by President of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Dato’ Tan Heng Chew.

The NP300’s predecessor surfaced a few years back and has been received with open arms here. Such is the eager anticipation of the NP300 that ETCM has recorded over 1,000 orders on the book, and bear in mind those people did so without knowing the exact price figures. The NP300 has been teased for so long that till the official unveiling this morning, the prices were kept under lock and key, so Tan Chong says.


Nissan NP300 NavaraGrade VLGrade VGrade SE (AT)Grade SE (MT)Grade ESingle Cab
Engine2,488cc; inline-4 DOHC with Variable Geometry System; Commonrail Injection (YD25DDTi)
Transmission7-speed Auto with Manual Mode6-speed manual
Max Power190 hp @ 3,600 rpm163 hp @ 3,600 rpm
Max Torque450 Nm @ 2,000 rpm403 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
SuspensionIndependent Double Wishbone (Front), Multi-Link with Shocks (Rear)Double Wishbone (Front), Multi-Leaf with Shocks


At the front, there’s a brand new pair of headlamps which are angular in design and features the boomerang-shaped LED DRLs (only for the range-topper VL variant). Also exclusive to the VL trim are LED headlights, where the rest settles for halogen bulbs. The combination of these two work really well together with the redesigned 3D-like signature V-Motion grille which in turn makes the NP300 stand out.

Speaking of aesthetics, the NP300 always does away with the wheels from its predecessor and now sports a set of 18-inch wheels. There now exists more muscular lines on the Navara which does the trick of accentuating the truck’s go-anywhere attitude and capability. From the wheel arches to the roof-railings; it all seems to work well as far as looks go. Interestingly, the NP300 sports something on the tailgate that one would normally find on boy-racer’s cars – a spoiler. Yes, you read that right. This pick-up truck trots a spoiler. Now, word from Nissan is that the spoiler is there to improve the aerodynamics of the car.Nissan-Navara-NP300-Preview-35

Other bits new to the Navara is the amount of chrome trimming sthat can be specified (sadly it’s a cost option) in and around the car. Apart from that, the Np300 comes with roof rails which Nissan says add to the aesthetic appeal and the same time improves the aerodynamics of the truck. They are also capable of supporting load of up to 56kgs. A quick browse through the options list and you’ll discover upon Pro-Form Tango Sport Lid as an option amongst others.


Nissan has indeed pushed the boat out with this all-new model. The target in mind was to make the Navara more car-like in nature. The interior has been given a new lease of life starting with the seats. Nissan says that the Zero Gravity Inspired Seats are redesigned to offer improved ergonomics and greater alertness, which is great for safety and can trace their inspirations to technology inspired by NASA. One small step for Nissan, one giant leap for safety? Regardless of how you look at it, good seats can make or break a car. Naturally, the seats come additional lumbar support which means your chiropractor will start to miss you.Nissan-Navara-NP300-Preview-27

Back to the point of the Navara’s car-like feel: hop in the back seats and you’ll immediately notice the rear air-conditioning vents and pop-out cup holders. Not only that, but the angle of the rear seats have been racked back further for a more cosseting feel. There’s also a host of ISOFIX child seat restrainers, which is a good touch and certainly does boil back to the Navara’s intention of being less of a utilitarian pick-up truck.

The driver is not left perched up there without luxuries. The NP300 comes with a five-inch full colour LCD screen for the GPS navigation and infotainment system. Additionally, the Advanced Drive Assist Display (ADAD) located right smack in the middle of both the rev counter and speedo provides a slew of info for the driver. The steering wheel is littered with buttons that can do a host of different tasks from making a handsfree phone call to setting the cruise control. From the smallest detail such as the chunky chrome door handle, the auto-dimming rear view mirror, to the Push Start button, you get the distinct feeling that this truck is itching to shed its image and blossom.Nissan-Navara-NP300-Preview-48


The Navara headlines in this respect when you consider the fact that this truck comes with a seven-speed tiptronic automatic transmission (VL,V and SE variants) – an industry first for the Navara. Not only that but the new 2.5-litre YD25DDTi Variable Geometry System (VGS) is available in two different states of tune. The top-shelf VL model will get 187hp and a whopping 450 Nm of twisting force. The rest of the range will get 160 hp that’s followed closely by 403 Nm of torque. Not bad considering that the 15:1 compression ratio is helped along by the VGS turbochargers which should make for spritely driving.

The biggest change here on this all-new Navara is the fact that Nissan has elected to go with the bold move of chucking the conventional leaf-spring set up for much more modern and sophisticated multi-link suspension setup which should really lend a helping hand in Nissan’s quest in making the Navara more car-like in nature. Now, this change only affects the double cab version of the all-new NP300. The more utilitarian single cab version still retains the leaf spring setup as it immediately makes it more affordable for buyers with rough use solely and firmly in mind. Multi-link suspension doesn’t quite withstand heavy-duty work as well as leaf springs will.Nissan-Navara-NP300-Preview-55

The Navara also comes with a Shift-On-The-Fly type 4×4 mode selector that is conveniently located in the lower dashboard. This system can switched from 2H to 4H whilst driving at speeds not exceeding 100km/h, however Nissan says that if you were shift it up to 4L (Low Range) it be best if you pulled over and did it. After all the transfer box is a complicated bit of cog wheels and machinery. Speaking of the muddy bits, the Navara comes with brilliant ground clearance with an approach angle of 31 degrees and a departure angle of 25.6 degrees, making it quite the off-roader. Couple that with the fact that it has 230mm of clearance makes this a winner for most.


The Navara comes loaded to the brim with a whole bunch safety equipments that, if we’re honest are unheard of for a truck. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Brake Assist are among many that call the NP300 home. But of them all, a feature that stands out most is the HDC or Hill Decent Control which is an electronic program that applies the brakes when traction is lost. Brilliant for off-roading. That system is coupled up with the HSA or Hill Start Assist.2015-Nissan-Navara-2.5Diesel-Launch-3

Interestingly too, this Mother Trucker comes bolted with ABLS or Active Brake Limited Slip with a clever bit electronics and sensors that detect loss of traction and will send power to wheels that do have traction. Needless to say, this program works hand in hand with the HDC program. The NP300 comes with two airbags as standard.


The all-new Navara comes with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty, whichever comes first. In terms of paint, you’ve four options namely Tungsten Silver, Diamond Black, Brilliant White and Savanna Orange.


Nissan NP300 Navara Single Cab & Grade E

Nissan NP300 Navara SE (MT & AT); Grade V

Nissan NP300 Navara VL


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