2016 Honda Civic Euro will get two downsized turbocharged engines – 1.0L and 1.5L

The 10th generation Honda Civic that was recently revealed has already made its way down the production line. However, models destined for European markets will get an additional turbocharged engine on top of the new 1.5-litre unit.

As the title points out, the 1.5-litre engine will be joined by a smaller 1.0-litre turbocharged VTEC engine and is part of Honda’s growing Earth Dreams Technology range. Honda first introduced their blown VTEC engine with the debut of the new Civic Type R. The 2.0-litre inline-four engine makes a hardcore 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque, all of which are sent to the front wheels.2016-Honda-Civic-99

Little is known about the 1.0-litre engine at press time, but Honda claims that it will deliver a combination of dynamic performance, class-leading output and excellent fuel economy – just some key characteristics we’ve heard plenty other manufacturers came forth claiming. That said, the engine will be based on a completely new structure and will feature direct injection and variable valve motion technology to reduce friction.

Honda also says that the engine will match or outperform outputs of larger naturally aspirated engines, but no numbers have been revealed to back that claim yet. Its performance is courtesy of a turbocharger with low moment of inertia and high responsiveness which helps achieve a balance between high output and torque.2016-Honda-Civic-122

The new Civic (Euro-spec) will officially arrive in Europe by 2017. That should be a clear indication of when we should expect it to hit Malaysian showrooms, no?




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