New BMW F82 M4 wrecked by probationary driver in a Toyota Avanza who ran a red light [+Video]

A brand new BMW F82 M4 Coupe became the latest victim of reckless driving earlier today at a relatively quite junction believed to have taken place in the city of Melaka. The RM750k high performance sports car saw both its front and curtain airbags deployed, and other damages sustained point towards a completely wrecked front-left arm, among others.

The accident occurred when a first-generation Toyota Avanza (Melaka-registered) beat the lights and ran straight into the M4. Fortunately, the bicyclist next to the BMW M4 escaped unharmed in what could otherwise be a fatal hit. BMW-M4-Accident-2

It’s unclear at this point why the driver of the Toyota Avanza ran the red light, but let this be a stern reminder to probationary drivers (commonly known as P-drivers) out there to always abide traffic rules and regulations. Beating the red lights puts you at risk of being slapped with a RM300 fine and may also cause undue harm. While you’re at it, be sure to double check exactly which corner of the rear windscreen you’re supposed to put up your P stickers.

Image and video courtesy of YouTube channel Lux Lum


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