Vauxhall Corsa VXR with 205hp battles 700hp Lamborghini for a parking spot [+Video]

Now this is something you certainly don’t hear about everyday and is certainly a bet one would place in a heartbeat with a ten-to-one odds. Vauxhall is brand that us Malaysians haven’t heard of in awhile, or worse still – never at all.

If you’re into football, chances are you would’ve heard of this bloke by the name of Chris Kamara, former British football player and team manager who’s now taken the role of commentator beyond the walls of the club arena. The #kamarachallenge, in essence, brings together the past and present of football into a couple of cars that most would agree don’t belong in the same wavelength as each other.2015-Vauxhall-Corsa-VXR-vs-Lambo-Kamarachallenge-2

It’s simple, this. Tottenham Hotspurs’ player Harry Kane will be in the hot seat of the pukka Corsa VXR while the Aventador is piloted by former English national football player, John Barnes. The two cars jostle for pole position with the Lambo easily moving ahead on the straights. But, even as the underdog, the new Corsa VXR makes short work of the speed bumps while the Lambo has to slow right down in order to take care of that low-lying nose. The Corsa’s nippy, nimble skills leave the supercar waning as it is filmed chicaning through an empty underground car park.

Now if this was out on the open track in Silverstone or Sepang, then it would have been obvious that the Aventador would’ve just munched Corsa VXR out of the water even before the duo got to Turn 1. But in the tight and narrow isles of the parking garage – in which both cars had to fight for one parking spot – the Corsa immediately has the advantage. Undoubtedly the stunt driving wasn’t done by the pitchmasters but rather the legend himself – Paul Swift (and team, obviously).2015-Vauxhall-Corsa-VXR-vs-Lambo-Kamarachallenge-3

An impressive result nonetheless for the plucky hot hatch. The Corsa is propelled via a 1,600cc four-potter that chucks out 205 hp with 280 Nm of twist on overboost. The VXR does the century sprint in a mere 6.5 seconds and will hit a top speed of 230 km/h. Not bad considering that the Fiesta ST rival starts at only £18,245 (RM117,041).

Now, due to the unique way of how copyrighting and geography are somehow intertwined, we can’t bring you the official video via Vauxhall’s Youtube page but as is the way of the Internet – anything is possible. Video credit goes out to the DailyMail. Enjoy the video.


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