Michelin Malaysia launches new Primacy SUV tyres, prices start from RM440

The Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment is one of the fastest growing categories in the automotive sphere yet, a trend that forced luxurious brands like Jaguar and Bentley to produce all-terrain conquerers such as the F-Pace and Bentayga. That said, Michelin Malaysia has just introduced their brand new Primacy SUV tyre that’s exclusively designed for SUVs.

The Primacy SUV took three full years of R&D, incorporating four key Michelin technologies such as FlexMax 2.0, StabiliGrip, CushionGuard and EvenPeak. It’s the first tyre exclusively designed for SUV by Michelin, and yields better performance than any Michelin tyres before. Braking distance under wet conditions is shorter by 2.2 metres, whereas on dry surfaces it’s shorter by 1.9 metres.Michelin-Primacy-SUV-20

But that’s not all. The FlexMax 2.0 technology gives the tyres a degree of flexibility, creating a chamfered or curved tread block that prevents distortion under pressure. The contact surface is also larger here, improving grip under rain and shine. The StabiliGrip technology on the other hand, features several self-locking knobs inside the small grooves. What this does is minimise tread block deformation while improving wet handling through more efficient water evacuation.

In making the tyres quieter, Michelin – through the EvenPeak technology – made the tread blocks in varying lengths, therefore reducing road noise and minimising noise peaking. Lastly is the CushionGuard technology which absorbs vibrations through a layer of noise-filtering rubber. The curved sidewall (courtesy of FlexMax 2.0) work in tandem here in providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Michelin Malaysia’s Managing Director, Chandan Thakur said “SUVs are now used almost pervasively on the road. They are larger, more robust vehicles and they offer better visibility and more space. But they can at times be more difficult to handle and to stop, especially so on wet roads.” Chanda also added that the tyres are designed for on-road use only, as customers hardly take the car off-road.

The new Michelin Primacy SUV tyre is available from 16-inch and above with a starting price of RM440. It’s available in all TYREPLUS and authorised Michelin dealerships nationwide.



  1. Hmmm may I know other tyre brand that got a high quality but cheapest beside michelin?? coz i really need to change my old tyre to the great one.. rite now im using a chiikai brand one.. cannot tahan lama lorh

    • I got a few of it but i’m not sure whether its suitable with ur car or not….
      If u want the great quality of tyre u can give a try to continental… i’m using cc6 for my mazda 3 sport.. so far, already 2 years and still counting for my 4 tyres…

      • I think continental dont get any high quality like michelin did isnt it?? coz im using continental before but it can last up to 1 years and that tire become bald and i dont even know why…. so not recomemded brand.

        • which model u use?? maybe u drive many km in the short term then it bald quickly..i use cc6 since last year, the tyres’ tread pattern are still obvious.

          • actually how to see the car’s tyres’ tread pattern are still obvious or not? i use cc5 for 3 years ald, last time my dad help me change the tyre, this time i hv to change myself..Zzz
            cc6 is far better than cc5?? i consider to choose back the same brand.

          • Yes bro… CC6 is much better than CC5 becos as i know, they upgrading to the quality more better than previous model.. i’m also use CC6 for my nissan almiera and almost 3 years and its still good.. very suitable with all season in Malaysia plus, its doesn’t make a noise from the tyre..

          • ouhhh i see no wonder my friend got complaining and compare cc5 with cc6 hahahaha so far she said cc6 is more compact and flexible tyre.. she also said that no worries if drive on the wet road after raining or during coz no slippin’

      • seriously bro?? i’m using mazda too but cx3 hahahaha… so shamed on me using mazda but the tyre is chikaii one hehehe… maybe after this i will change to continental.. i also asked the advice from my office mate and they said the exactly like u.. huhuhu

    • I think u can ask mechanics which one is suitable with ur car.. dont simply choose tires by people recommended coz not all tires can be used to our car.. if people said use continental or else n u go for it then got something happens than u will jumped into a big2 problem…

      • Agreed with you but mine use continental for 3 years and still in a good condition and fyi, people ask me to change to continental without asking formen advice…. its just a tyre not an engine lol hahahaha

        • after i drive through 100000km of journey then i will change my tyre..3 years my car odometer only ran through 4000km++, so actually the tyre are in a very good condition in the first 3 years.

        • cannot completely trusting to foreman, usually i ask for the elder or my friends’ advice before i buy the tyre because it’s too many brand to choose for. You choose which model of Conti??


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