Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad visits Lotus factory in Hethel, samples new Evora 400

Chairman of Lotus Group PLC and PROTON Holdings Bhd, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, has recently visited Norfolk, England to visit the Lotus plant in Hethel where the former PM was briefed on the company’s current business plans and also to preview the brand’s full model line-up.

Once the presentation was over, the entourage proceeded to the production floor where the new Evora 400 was being assembled meticulously by hand. The 400 has already started making its way to showrooms across Europe and will be making its debut here before the year is up.2015-Mahathir-Visits-Lotus-Plant-Hethel-01

“Over the last 12 months since my last visit to Hethel, I have been greatly impressed with the  progress that has been made by the management team at Lotus. The business has made great leaps forwards and it is clear that the turnaround of Lotus is underway. It is always a pleasure to visit the home of Lotus and having seen the progress achieved and the forthcoming range of Lotus cars, I am encouraged and excited for the future of the company,” said Tun Dr Mahathir.

Jean-Marc Gales echoed the sentiment of the company’s chairman as well. The former premier then strapped himself into the marque’s 400 hp flagship sports car and took it for a spin around the Hethel test track where he witnessed first hand the thoroughbred capabilities of the Evora 400. Be sure to stay tuned to its Malaysian debut soon!


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