Caltex’s new Euro4M RON97 now available at all stations, and here’s all you need to know

American-based oil and gas energy conglomerate Chevron Malaysia Limited, which markets the Caltex brand domestically, recently conducted a small workshop with the media on basic product knowledge of their new Euro4M Premium 97 with Techron fuel. The said fuel will be made available at all Caltex stations effective 1st September 2015, costing RM2.35 per litre.

The sale of Euro4M fuel comes after the government’s implementation of the mandate issued, and Caltex is one of the few who to make the switch from sulphur-ridden Euro2M grade fuel. The new fuel comes with lower benzene and sulphur contents. Not only that, but there is a marked reduction in Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) observed.

Greg Engeler
Senior Product Engineering Specialist, Greg Engeler

Senior Product Engineering Specialist Asia Pacific, Greg Engeler spoke in vivid detail on the already-available Euro4M RON97 with Techron. He pointed out that previous fuels on offer contained high amounts of sulphur (or 500 ppm to be exact) as opposed to the 50 ppm (parts per million) in the new Euro4M fuel.

Benzene levels have dropped from 5 percent to 3.5 percent as well. Now, what all this means is, with the introduction of higher quality fuel, our beloved cars will be smoother to drive. The fuel also acts as a cleansing agent to remove all residual carbon deposits from the intake manifold all the way to the valves and piston head. “That’s Techron’s secret,” said Greg. “It gets a hold of carbon buildup and flushes it right out the exhaust.”Petrol Fuel February 2015 (1)

Besides that, the better fuel grade is also beneficial to the environment. It has less sulphur and benzene content whilst having a slightly higher octane rating. This ensures that gasoline engines will and can run its best, as they are only as good as the fuel that powers them. Higher detergency fuels enable accurate and precise fuel delivery to the combustion process, and with Caltex’s new Euro4M RON97 fuel, it helps meet performance, emissions and consumption figures as well.



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