Ford’s Driving Skill For Life makes a pitstop at Taylor’s University

The Blue Oval motor company has yet to whither in its resolve to promote and instil road safety awareness. We saw this in action just recently when Ford put on the Future of Safety campaign at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre where child safety and driver assistance awareness was championed to the public.

In keeping up with the momentum set at the said campaign, Ford decided to swing around to Taylor’s University where they showcased the new ‘Driving Skill For Life‘ (DSFL) global movement aimed at raising driving safety awareness amongst the younger pool of people.2015-Ford-DSFL-Safety-Campaign-05

Ford’s free-of-charge DSFL program encourages young drivers to uphold proper driving practices and ethics while going behind the wheel. It aims to inculcate practical skills for safe driving in a bid to reduce road fatalities. The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) reports that an average of 18 people are killed everyday in traffic accidents. That staggering figure stands to rise to 29 by 2020.

In addition to the program’s core message, an emphasis is placed on the real danger of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Participants were given specially designed equipments that simulate the experience of impaired driving, and this involves movement, coordination and alertness levels. So, guys, never drink and drive!2015-Ford-DSFL-Safety-Campaign-06

DSFL represents the Ford Motor Company’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility program that aims to give back towards society. The program is in its eighth year running, with Malaysia being one of the ASEAN tour destinations next to China, India and Taiwan.

David Westerman, MD of Asia Pacific Emerging Markets said “As a global company with an established presence here in Malaysia, we are committed in our efforts to instil road safety awareness among drivers to help reduce the number of road fatalities, making the roads safer for driver, motorcyclist and pedestrians.”



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