Samsung develops ‘see-through’ truck to aid overtaking [+Video]

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the biggest, most diverse corporations on the planet right now. It’s a company so vast that their diversity spans everything from household appliances, microchips, TV’s, LED panels, smartphones to building massive ships, including some of the tallest buildings in the world (our very own Petronas Twin Towers is an example).

Just within 2014 alone, Samsung spent RM52 billion on R&D, which is nothing compared to the RM1.1 trillion in revenue they made during the same period.

Now, in pursuit of safer driving conditions, the South Korean multinational conglomerate came up with a prototype known as Samsung Safety Truck. The idea is simple – stitch four large display panels to the back of the truck that will project a live stream visual (via wireless camera and transmitter) of the traffic ahead. It doesn’t just work flawlessly during the day, it has night vision capabilities as well.

In theory, a system like this, if placed in situations such as Argentina where one-way roads are aplenty, has the ability to save countless lives and prevent road accidents. To give you a perspective, almost one person in Argentina dies in a traffic accident, with nearly 80 percent of them comprised of people who are trying to overtake.


The only foreseeable problem is, what will the cost be like for transport companies to adopt this technology and have them installed in their long-hauling trucks? Even if they do, is there a way for these companies to monetise Samsung’s foray into Smart Trucks? Needless to say, it’s still a bold move by any standards, and will go a long way in preventing unnecessary road mishaps.



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