Buy a phone and get a free ‘BMW M3’ – Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition debuts

Android users who are also BMW fans are in for a treat as BMW Korea and SK Telecom have come together to release the limited edition Samsung ‘Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition’. Limited to 1,000 units only, the Ultra BMW M Edition will be officially released on February 17 with a listed price of 1,727,000 KRW (Approx. RM5,901). Made available for pre-orders from 7 to 13 February, it seems the limited edition phone has already been sold out.

The lucky 1,000 customers who have managed to secure a pre-order will receive the following items with their smartphone purchase:

  • Specially produced die-casting package in the guise of the BMW E30 M3
  • Hardcover phone case
  • Multi keyring and 7 types of detachable emblems
  • M design vehicle clock that can be plugged into the air vent
  • Vehicle sunshade clip
  • Air pump
  • Metal letter M sticker
  • BMW history book and photo poster

Unboxing the package will be an interesting experience as all items are packed nicely in a special die-casting package that pays homage to the M3 E30. To protect the 1,000-limited unit phone, customers get a hard cover phone case that was designed with inspiration from the bonnet and vertical kidney grille of the G80 BMW M3.

There are also 6 types of emblems containing the history of BMW and the classic “BMW Motorsport” emblem to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the BMW M brand which took place last year. The emblem is detachable from the multi-keyring included in the limited edition package. In addition, various accessories that reflect the M design enhance the value of the collection.

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The phone itself gets a dedicated booting video with a three-color stripe logo symbolizing BMW M that plays when the phone is turned on. The phone is also pre-installed with ‘BMW Vantage’, which is a BMW lifestyle membership app.

Besides the special edition phone and limited edition memorabilia, customers of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition’ also get a BMW Driving Center ‘Starter Pack Voucher’ where they can learn safe driving tips and dynamic driving skills by riding a BMW vehicle under the guidance of a professional instructor. Unfortunately, all 1,000 units have been sold out.

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