Global technology and services supplier Bosch has recorded almost RM3.6 billion, an increase of 24 percent in total net sales globally. Of the whole sum, about RM552 million in third party sales is contributed right here on our shores.

The numbers are primarily driven by the many acquisitions that Bosch GmbH owns or holds stakes in, among them are Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH (formerly ZF Lenksysteme GmbH), one of whose manufacturing arms is based in Penang with over 2,000 employees.

Bosch has invested around RM260 million into the country by opening up a car multimedia development centre in Penang as well, catering to several automakers such as Proton, Renault and Nissan. The newly appointed Managing Director of Bosch Malaysia is confident with the appointment of the car multimedia plant in Penang, stating Malaysia’s strength within the Bosch Group.

Bosch is also heading up the automotive aftermarket scene with its high performance Dot 4 Brake Fluid which has been designed with the requirements of modern cars and their technology in mind. Aside from that, Bosch is also rolling out its SIRIM-approved brake pads as well.

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Nicholas Raj
This author was born with an undying love for cars. As the mantra goes, the faster, the better. A hotelier-cum-entrepreneur, he soon gave up the life in pursuit of joining the brinks of the local automotive industry. He spends his days, aside from writing obviously, plotting and scheming his plan ever so carefully in the hopes of bagging a Porsche 991 Turbo in white with the Martini racing colours.