Petronas Lubricants launches Lube Care Programme with personal insurance

Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, previously known as Lub Dagangan Sdn Bhd, have launched their Lube Care Programme that sees to reward their trade customers and consumers.

The programme comes in the form of a Personal Protection Plan exclusive to Petronas Syntium customers only, and provides an insurance coverage of RM22,500. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Accidental Death – RM10,000
2. Total Permanent Disablement – RM10,000
3. Ambulance Fees – RM500
4. Funeral Expenses – RM2,000

Petronas LubeCare (2)

The Plan also comes with emergency breakdown assistant, giving you 24-hours roadside repairs and towing service, free battery delivery services, emergency medical assistance, emergency information transmission services, car rental service and legal advisory services.

To qualify for the Protection Plan is fairly easy. Simply purchase any one bottle of Petronas Syntium 4-litre range (7,000, 3,000 or 800) at one of 800 selected Petronas workshops and you will be entitled to a six-month personal accident and emergency car breakdown service. Returning customers who purchase the same 4-litre lubricant from the same workshop will be granted an additional six-months coverage of the said plan. After purchasing the lube, simply register via SMS (process flow will be explained by your mechanic). As for claims, customers can call their 24-hour help line at 1800-88-3800.

Petronas Syntium customers could enjoy up to a year of insurance coverage by participating in the Lube Care Programme. However, the policy is limited to 8,000 customers only, and is on a first-come-first-serve basis.


  1. many thing was related to insurance currently, just in case for any accident happen, then can cover it with the money claim. I’m start feeling everything cant last longer, like the home appliances, computer, phone, even the car engine will break down one days, so business man tend to involve insurance to get more money.

    • those electrical appliances was high risk to malfunction, that y they got warranty to make customer feel more confident about their product. Nowadays the car engine also have offer the warranty, the business tactic really no limits.

      • Why not try out shell helix ranges? I saw their SHEW is about warranty around 12 years if not mistaken… even i din try but the reward make me feel i want to try it… hahaha

          • If you want to get the warranty, you have to purchase their helix series product and register the SHARE program. Want to know the detail? this would provide you a great deal of info~

        • this just launch and still new, i not so confident on this warranty yet, some more seldom see ppl talk about this, thats why i dont apply yet, and my car just service last few month, waiting next service and might take a shoot

        • I think SHEW only applicable for purchaser who purchased helix ultra and helix hx7 only? And there are 2 requirements to meet:
          1. age of car below 8 years
          2. mileage less than 100K

      • feeling that too, everything can made business, just think of how it work. although the car got insurance, but additional insurance who dont want? just dont know will it be complicated to proof or not

    • this is the thing, sometimes we bought the product but we do not know there is a contest or extra benefits on it… this is what i hate about it, not enough information shared. and i think must be a lot of step to proof you are under their T&C

        • yea, everybody looking for profit, even customer also, thats why whoever launch this type of business will attract more consumer. anyway my car using shell helix high mileage, also under the Shell Helix Extended Warranty, i love it got lot of warranty on car, especially piston, timing belt and more

        • Yes. I also agreed with you. Sometimes really need to ask the salesman only know if the product have promotion. Otherwise may miss out some great deals.

  2. Wow! Buy lubricants free personal insurance… Seem like good promotion and idea to attract customer attention. But how sure is it.. hahahha

    • purchase the engine oil first, then only register for the program. Just like the S.h.e.w. program from shell, you can get 12 warranty on the engine once you purchase their product and register their reward program.


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