GST: MINI Malaysia reveals updated price list, cars cheaper by up to RM5,000

MINI Malaysia has revealed their updated price list and all models will be between RM1,000 to RM5,000 cheaper post GST. Most of the cars however, get RM2,000 slashed and applies to variants from the MINI 3 Door, 5 Door and Coupe lineups. This price cut is also extended to the 3 Door JCW variant.


ModelVariantPrice before GSTPrice after GSTDifference
MINI 3 DoorCooperRM 178,888RM 176,888RM 2,000
Cooper ChiliRM 198,888RM 196,888RM 2,000
Cooper SRM 228,888RM 226,888RM 2,000
Cooper S WiredRM 248,888RM 246,888RM 2,000


RM 288,888


MINI 5 DoorCooper


RM 188,888


Cooper SRM 238,888RM 236,888RM 2,000
MINI CoupeCooper S CoupeRM 249,888RM 247,888RM 2,000
JCW CoupeRM 288,888RM 286,888RM 2,000
MINI CountrymanCooper Countryman


RM 198,888


Cooper S CountrymanRM 243,888RM 242,888RM 1,000
Cooper CountrymanRM 218,888RM 217,888RM 1,000
Cooper S Countryman ALL4RM 258,888RM 257,888RM 1,000
JCW CountrymanRM 318,888RM 313,888RM 5,000
MINI PacemanCooper S PacemanRM 288,888RM 286,888RM 2,000
JCW PacemanRM 338,888RM 333,888RM 5,000


As per the table above, the three MINIs without the ‘before GST’ price are the ones introduced after GST has been implemented, hence their sole pricing. Our Countryman range is now RM1,000 cheaper across the board, except for the fully imported JCW Countryman, which gets RM5,000 off.

Only two MINIs get the RM5,000 cut, with the second model being the JCW Paceman. It was priced at RM339k before, but now costs RM334k. Do note that all prices listed here are their OTR selling price which includes GST, but doesn’t come with insurance premium.


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