New Peugeot 308 THP previewed, arriving April 8th with estimated price of RM135k [+Gallery]

The 2014 European Car of the Year is here and no, it’s not a German car, but a French, rather. The all-new Peugeot 308 Turbo High Pressure (THP) is set to make its official debut here on 8 April, and as far as we know, only one variant will be offered. It’s unclear whether the 1.6L VTi (that’s the non-turbo) engine will join the new 308 range, but that’s to be confirmed at a later date.



This new 308 sits 20mm lower to the ground and weighs considerably lesser (over 100kg lighter) and gets a cabin that is more upscale than ever. That translates to better agility and handling, while rolling on 18-inch wheels. The previous 308 THP rode on 17-inchers.

Under the hood of this C-Segment hatch, we’ll most likely get the outgoing Prince engine, but it’s state of tune is unknown as of yet. The AT6 six-speed gearbox gets an upgrade too, and is said to shift quicker and smoother while channeling drive to the front wheels.


The previous six airbag count will most likely be carried over as well, and the headlamps indicate that illuminating source could be either bi-xenon or LEDs. We were told that the new 308 will carry an estimated asking price of RM130k and above, but we’ll know for sure when the car arrives. That’s on 8 April again, guys. Could this be your next car? Stay tuned for the latest updates on the 308!




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