PLUS highway offers up to 30 percent rebate for long distance driving this CNY

In an effort to ease traffic flow during the Chinese New Year holidays, PLUS is offering a 30 percent toll rebate for those driving more than 100 km and paying toll electronically via Touch n’ Go or SmartTAG. This rebate however, only applies to those travelling on off-peak days (16 and 23 February, both Mondays).

TTA from Klang Valley to major towns

For those who are travelling in between the off-peak days (17, 18, 21 and 22 February), PLUS is giving a 20 percent rebate to Class 1 vehicles who follow the Travel Time Advisory (TTA), pictured above. To qualify for the rebate, you will have to pay toll electronically and travel over 100 km in a single journey between 12am to 6am only.

TTA between major towns in the North Zone

PLUS has also urged travelers to do their best in following the TTA, adding that the public’s compliance will significantly reduce traffic congestion. PLUS estimates that about 1.5 million vehicles will be using the North-South Expressway on peak days.

TTA between major towns in the South Zone

Other measures of easing traffic flow include stopping all construction works between 13 and 22 February along the mainline, and heavy vehicles will be barred from entering the highways on 17, 18, 22 and 23 February.

For those of you who will be departing for the long drive home, we at wish you a very happy Chinese New Year and please, never fiddle with your smartphones while driving. Safe journey everyone!




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