PLUS to use drones for traffic monitoring during the CNY period

At the launch of the Ops Selamat 16/2020 in conjunction with the Chinese New Year period, PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) has announced that the company will utilise drone technology to monitor traffic flow along its highways during the festive period.

According to Malay Mail, PLUS chairman Datuk Mohamad Nasir Ab Latif said that the use of drone technology was to provide information on the flow and movement of traffic on the highways, as well as optimising the use of social media.

The drones will operate at several locations identified along the highway. It is expected that traffic on the PLUS highways will increase to approximately two million vehicles during the Chinese New Year period, an 18% increase from the 1.7 million on weekdays.

“Based on research and analysis, PLUS expects the number of vehicles on the highway to be higher between Jan 22 and 28 and Jan 31 and Feb 1“, Datuk Mohamad Nasir added, at the launch event.

PLUS will be mobilising 5,000 staff during the festive period to ensure that traffic flow is controlled along the North-South Highway. Maintenance work that require temporary lane closures will be halted, and tidal flow lanes can be opened when needed, with the approval of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Road users are advised to refer to PLUS’ Travel Time Advisory (TTA)  to plan their journeys.


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