PROTON We-Care Prihatin Banjir programme: Free labour cost, 30% discounts on parts

As a part of their corporate social responsibility initiative, Proton is proud to announce their PROTON We-Care Prihatin Banjir programme now offers 30% discount on parts for Proton owners affected by the flood. On top of that, there will be no charges (FOC) on labour cost for car repairs.


Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON said “As a national car manufacturer, we are responsible to help flood victims as the cost of vehicle repairs from flooding requires a huge amount of money. Through this programme, we hope to ease their burden especially to those whose cars are not covered by insurance for natural disasters”.


Furthermore, free inspection service will be provided, along with valuation of damages and towing assistance from the affected location to the selected PROTON service centres.

Proton also shared some tips on how to manage a flood-affected vehicle:
1.       Do not turn on your car engine.
2.       Do not use a remote control to open the car door. Instead, do this manually.
3.       Make sure to remove the negative terminal of the car battery to stop the flow of electricity in the car.
4.       All three measures above are intended to minimize damage to equipment, in particular to electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle.
5.       If these steps are taken, some equipment can still be saved.
6.       After turning off the car electricity, remove valuables from the car, lock the door manually and get the car towed to an authorized PROTON Service Center.


The programme will run until 15th of March 2015, and PROTON Customer Care can be reached at 1800-888-398 for enquiries, assistance and towing service.




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