Exactly a week ago, we celebrated the country’s 57th Independence Day, which was also when Proton launched their new microsite, one that’s dedicated to progressively tease (perhaps reveal) their upcoming model, codenamed the ‘Iriz‘. We’ve gone through several characteristics of the PCC in our previous report, and now, two additional images have shown up on their microsite.


Joining the list of ‘good-to-have’ features in the ‘Iriz’ are the black leather seats, highlighted with white stitches as an added contrast. We can expect the leather to come in just one colour – black – and that the stitches in white. We can also expect the leather seats, which are perforated, to be featured in the higher specced variants.

Proton Iriz, GSC

Proton has also expanded the use of leather, this time adorning the instrumentation panel with three-dimensional, textured-leather wrapping, as seen in the picture above. If the entire dashboard is indeed covered in 3D leather, then it’s clearly a step forward by Proton to improve its overall finishing quality.


The other teaser shows a close up view of the engine bay, with the letters ‘VVT‘ embossed at the top of the engine cover. The said acronym stands for Variable Valve Timing, a technology employed to improve fuel efficiency, increase engine performance and at the same time reduce emissions.

Engine capacity remains unknown, and we can only assume that an engine of a smaller displacement would be tasked to take advantage of the new Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) incentive. As of now, our guess is as good as yours.




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