Video: Nissan testing self-cleaning car paint on a Nissan Note

Washing your car seems like a chore for many, but not any more as Nissan is testing out a new type of nano-based paint on one of Nissan’s test car, an European Nissan Note. The nano paint is specially engineered to repel water and oil and engineers at Nissan Technical Centre Europe will be testing the self-cleaning Note over the coming months in a variety of conditions.

Nissan Self Cleaning Car

Should the test be successful, Nissan will market this as a possible aftermarket option on its cars. Nissan is the first carmaker to apply the technology, called Ultra-Ever Dry®, on automotive bodywork. The special nano paint is currently sold and marketed by UltraTech International Inc® and the results against rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water is very promising. It works by creating a layer of air between the paint and its surrounding atmosphere, using super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings.


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