Honda Civic Type R Concept officially hits Geneva Motor Show [+Video]

The Honda Civic Type R Concept finally arrives at the Geneva Motor Show with much fanfare. Yes you heard it right. The official press release still says Type R Concept, but we know there is already a full working prototype running around Nordschleife a few months back. A full production version is expected to debut in Europe in 2015.

Honda Civic Type R Concept revealed at Geneva

The four door ultra hot hatch signals a new direction for Honda in terms of styling and engineering department. It’s power output is not a secret anymore, with at least 280PS and comes in the form of VTEC Turbo, harnessed from Honda’s Earth Dreams family of technological know how. And above all, the engine conforms to the strict Euro 6 emission standards!

Honda Civic Type R Concept revealed at Geneva


The Civic Type R Concept’s funky and fiery looks is not just for show but deemed necessary and functional as well. The spoiler for instance provides additional downforce. Enlarged upper and lower front grille on its bonnet allow additional flow of air to cool the high power engine. The front and rear fender have been widened considerably to accommodate 20-inch tires. All in all, this translates to a very fast, fun and grippy FWD.

Honda Civic Type R Concept revealed at Geneva

All this technological advancement and know how is made possible through various feedback gathered from Honda’s WTCC 2013 experience. Let’s hope in 2015, Honda won’t stray too far away from the concept shown at Geneva!




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