Happy Birthday Schuey: Michael Schumacher turns 45, still in coma

Michael Schumacher is still in a induced coma since the skiing accident in the French Alps on Sunday. After going through a second brain surgery, he is reported to be in stable condition but not out of danger. Michael Schumacher turns 45 today.

Michael Schumacher Birthday Tribute

Over two hundred fans from the Italian and French Scuderia Ferrari Clubs turned up at Grenoble Hospital where Schumacher is being treated, to pay a special tribute on his birthday. The fans who traveled for hours presented the Ferrari Heart in the hospital car park to represent the strength and support of the millions of fans from around the world to Schumacher as he fights the hardest challenge of his life.

Even though the German driver officially retired from his F1 career with Mercedes, Scuderia Ferrari where he spent most of his time winning has been very supportive and was the one urging Scuderia Ferrari Clubs from across Europe to honour the F1 legend. He won 72 Grand Prix races between 1996 and 2006 with Scuderia Ferrari.


During the incident at the French Alps, Schumacher had stopped to help a friend’s daughter who had fallen on the slopes before he hit a rock and catapulted in the air, falling head down on another rock. Due to the massive impact, the helmet he was wearing broke into three. The doctors said, “Without a helmet, he wouldn’t be here now”. Schumacher suffers from cerebral hemorrhage due to the severe head trauma and is forced to put in artificial coma to stabilize his condition.

Friends and fans around the world have tweeted and posted well wishes to the F1 legend. This is when journalists would want to have the first hand news about Schuey’s condition, even to an extent of pretending to be a priest. According to Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm, “There have been several interesting incidents here at the hospital. There apparently was a person dressed-up as a priest, who tried to get near Michael.” She added, “I am asking everyone to let the doctors work and leave the family spend peaceful time with Michael.”

After the journalist was caught, he was escorted off the premises and wasn’t identified. To whoever that was, “DUDE, have a little RESPECT.”

Happy Birthday Schuey, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Get well soon. Forza Michael!



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