Mitsubishi Attrage officially launched in Malaysia. Price from RM59k to RM76k

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has finally launched the new Mitsubishi Attrage today, officially. This is definitely not a surprise launch as you may have already noticed the Attrage displayed in major shopping malls. This new model is an evolution from the Mirage and is labeled as Malaysia’s first B-segment eco-sedan.

Mitsubishi Attrage official launch,

I have been very excited to learn that there’s a newcomer in the B-segment, especially from Mitsubishi. Being a new contender in the highly competitive segment, Mitsubishi has a steep hill to climb to convince Malaysian car buyers. To start of with is the engine capacity, unlike many B-segment cars running on 1.5l engine, this particular eco-sedan runs on a 1.2l Mivec engine similar to the Mirage.

Which can be a little disappointing. However, the Japanese automaker explains that this is a “Stylish Eco Sedan” and it’s built to provide outstanding fuel-efficiency and spacious sedan body without compromising driving pleasure. The fuel efficiency of the Attrage is indeed impressive, it can go 21km/l!

Mitsubishi Attrage official launch,

For such a ‘simple’ car, it is well equipped with intelligent features with its ETACS (Electronic Time and Alarm Control System) which comprises the delayed-action power window: allows power windows to remain operational for 30secs after engine shuts off; lane change turn signal sysytem: simple tap of turn indicator activates signal light to flash 3 times; automatic light shutoff system: headlights automatically turn off when engine is shut down ro when doors are opened, to help save battery and useful for forgetful people; open door alarm: alarm sounds if all doors are not firmly closed when car is moving; automatic car relock system: relocks car if it’s unlocked but not doors opened after 30sec; 15-sec interior light delay: cabin light remain lit for 15 sec after doors are closed to allow better visibility.

Smart Key Push Start Button Piano Black Gear Shift Dual Layer Storage Space

Also included are smart key that works within 70cm from the doors and boot lid, push start button, driver’s side lock and release button and boot lid button; which are all for driver’s convenience. As for the boot, with its 450l of space, it can accommodate 3 golf bags! Now that’s impressive for a little car!

Trunk Space

The following are the available variants for Malaysian market with the prices:

Attrage GL (MT) variant

GL (5-speed Manual) : RM59,212.50

Attrage GS variant

GS (CVT Auto) : RM67,978.50

Attrage SE variant

SE (CVT Auto) : RM75,796.50

Here are some images from the launch this morning, and some exterior and interior images.

Mitsubishi Attrage official launch,

Mitsubishi Attrage official launch,

Mitsubishi Attrage official launch, AutoBuzz.myAttrage SE variant (side) Attrage SE variant (rear) Attrage SE interior Attrage SE interior legroom (back) Attrage SE interior dashboard


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