Last weekend saw an amazing tale of how a petrol head’s nightmare of having his house broken into and his precious Subaru Impreza GC8 stolen away ended with a happy ending. To start, the victim is a friend of mine, Mr. Ong, who’s a certified petrol head and also participates in Malaysian rally racing.

The GC8 here is for illustration purposes only

The whole tale started on Friday noon when his house in Puncak Jalil was broken in and the thieves drove away Ong’s most prized procession, his blue Subaru Impreza GC8. It was a nightmare no petrol heads can imagine and immediately Ong buzzed his friends and contacts via social media to report his car was stolen. The feeds from Facebook soon spread around like wildfire on Friday evening, alerting his friends, either petrol heads or not, to search and spot his car in any areas they were be. Even Internet forums were not spared, with forum posts from, ZerotoHundred and various car forums to alert this.

Mixed emotions were expected during that time, seeing to understand such cars will be most likely landed into chop shops or smuggled to neighboring countries, and tales of our inefficient police does add salt into injury. But do we mentioned earlier that this story has a happy ending?

We have also alerted the news via our Hanzo Racing Facebook page on Saturday morning and soon we received news that the blue Subaru was spotted by Ong’s friends in Kepong Baru. The authorities on that area were alerted and road blocks were set around the area. In the end, justice prevails when on noon time, the culprit were caught by the police. The thief who was driving Ong’s Subaru was reported attempting to escape by ramming the police cars but in the end, the police managed to apprehend the thief, believed to be a middle aged Chinese man, with minor damages on the Subaru.

According to unconfirmed sources it was believed the thief thought he has stolen a modified Proton Wira (aka Wiralution, a bastard child between Proton Wira and Mitsu Evolution) which is valuable for parts salvaging, not aware that it was a Subaru. So with that calamity and not changing the number plate (we should be thankful for that) meaning the man is behind bars now.

What more astonishing is the Malaysian police has solved a robbery case within 24 hours, a much needed confident boost towards the police force. But most important was Ong will not have recovered his precious without the help of his friends and fellow petrol heads around the Internet who spread the message around Internet forums and Facebook. On that note, the good guys win!

This picture below should represent a celebration for Ong and every petrol heads here!