Here’s another news for the “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” people in Malaysia. The recent bidding for vehicle number plate “WWW” prefix took the country by storm with the authorities from the Road Transport Department decided to cash in this once in a while phenomenon by allowing Malaysians to bid. This drove massive interest for the “WWW” prefix, which is the acronym for “World Wide Web”.

The Road Transport Department has already revealed the list of winners for the bidders from their website and we got the list here. The grand prize, “WWW 1”, goes to the royalty of the southern state as Sultan of Johor crown this iconic number plate onto his beloved car. The Sultan, whose car collection can easily rival the Sultan of Brunei, also owns one of the very few Bugatti Veyron in Malaysia and has a wide collection of classic and super cars. He also has a team of his own special forces squad that rivals the famed SAS and Navy SEALS, just to protect the royal family. So don’t ever think of stealing his rides.

The list from WWW 1- 20.

Back to the topic, we’re not sure which of his highness’ car will carry this “WWW 1” but we bet it would be an exotic car of Sultan’s personal favourite. The cost? That’s RM520,000 (approx USD163,000) and this is officially the most expensive car number plate in Malaysia. This follows by “WWW 3” at a whopping RM360,000 (approx USD112,500), “WWW 9” at RM350,000 (approx USD110,000) and amazingly, Malaysia’s king has his number “WWW 5” at RM220,000.

Other prominent people on this list include one of the Ministers of Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nazri Abd Aziz, with his “WWW 97” at RM10,100, current Minister of Health Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, with “WWW 15” at RM24,200. Other popular and COSTLY number plates like “WWW 888” and “WWW 99”, at RM165,000 and RM145,000 respectability. The plate with the most number of bids throughout the entire bidding period is the “WWW 333”, at the winning bid of RM110,036 by a local private company. The cheapest number plate can be found at the minimum bid of RM300, although a huge majority cost thousands.

I doubt the one in the picture below is going to happen anyway.

Well, not going to happen