Here are some news for fans of Malaysia’s most popular supermini and perhaps the most hated car by many Proton fanboys and driving enthusiats, the Perodua Myvi.

Malaysia answer’s to the People’s Car

We start off with a rather amusing news. Today’s news on The Sun reported on the most recent Ops Sikap traffic operations where traffic police are monitoring our roads and highways with speed cameras in order to reduce road accidents during festive holidays. Police has captured a few disturbing speed records from buses and some cars, but the one which raised my eye brows (and may made others spit their coffee when they read this during breakfast) is the speed camera captured a Perodua Myvi speeding at 180kmh.

Yes folks, 180km/h. That’s a speed of a JDM spec Skyline GTR or Mitsubishi Evo if their speed limiters were not removed.

Myvi at 180kmh??? FUH!

Well, to be honest, I did own a automatic 1.3cc Myvi many years ago and the fastest the Myvi can go is 150-160km/h. That is if your balls were tougher than steal, or ivory. Due to the car’s shape and aerodynamics, it is not meant for speeding even above 140 km/h but being Malaysians unfortunately mistaken their Myvi is actually a Volkswagen Polo Gti in disguise. Therefore it takes tremendous bravery to speed at 180 kmh in a Myvi where you can cruise with ease with that similar speed on a BMW or Ferrari.

On the other hand, we received news that the variant of the new Perodua Myvi, the Myvi Extreme 1.5, will be launched in Malaysia on 16th September 2011. The rather ridiculously named Extreme edition, will be fitted with the long awaited 1.5cc engine taken from the Perodua Alza MPV and should be fitted with leather seats and GPS navigation just like the Elegance trim for the normal 1.3cc Myvi. Estimated priced at RM60,000 – 65,000, Perodua is confident this car will be a instant success since the new Myvi overtook rivals Proton to place Perodua back to the top car manufacturer of soulless passenger cars in Malaysia.

Coming to your nearest Perodua showrooms at 16th Sept 2011

Amusingly, we found some anti Myvians created this rather amusing picture.

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