You won’t need to retake theory tests for a second licence class starting 15 Sept – car/motorcycle licences only

The transport ministry has announced that it is merging the KPP01 course and theory test – the first step in obtaining a licence in Malaysia – for both the Malaysian motorcycle class and motorcar driving licence (LMM).

This means that effective September 15, 2023, any individual who currently holds either a motorcycle class or motorcar LMM planning to obtain a LMM of a different class than their existing licence no longer needs to repeat the KKP01 course and theory test.

For instance, if an individual has passed the KPP01 theory test for a motorcycle driving licence, he or she will no longer need to go through the KPP01 course or theory test again for the second time when obtaining a motorcar LMM. However, candidates will still need to undergo the KPP02 on-circuit and KPP03 on-road practical tests when obtaining a motorcycle or motorcar LMM.

The minimum age qualification for both motorcycle and motorcar driving licences remains at 16 and 17 respectively. And as usual, individuals attempting to obtain a driving licence are also required to be free from any of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)’s blacklists.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has also mentioned that the policy is implemented based on public feedback, and is aimed to help save time and cost for those obtaining a LMM.

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