The Volkswagen ID.2all concept is what the ID.3 wanted to be all along

When Volkswagen unveiled the ID.3 back in 2019, the German carmaker lauded it as the “third big chapter” in its history, after the Beetle and Golf. But with a starting price north of EUR40,000, on top of a generally bland design plus an infuriating infotainment system, the ID.3 was unfortunately not the people’s EV it hoped to be.

Now though, with new boss Thomas Schafer at the helm of the brand, Volkswagen wants to start again with the ID.2all. It’s currently still in concept form, but with a scheduled launch sometime in 2025, the ID.2all is probably already not too far away from final production form.

The Volkswagen ID.2all looks to be everything the ID.3 wanted to be all along – small, cute, but with one key difference: a starting price of under EUR25,000. That much more wallet-friendly price essentially places the ID.2all in between the Volkswagen Polo and Golf.

Ditto its size, measuring 4,050 mm in length with a wheelbase of 2,600 mm; 1,812 mm in width, and 1,530 mm in height. Thanks to the use of the MEB platform (or rather a new variant called the MEB Entry… more on that later), it’ll also boast an internal space similar to that of the Golf, with up to 490 litres of rear cargo room.

Volkswagen says that despite its low entry price, the ID.2all will still come with all the latest tech features, including the IQ.Light matrix LED headlights, Travel Assist advanced driver assist features, as well as fully digital interfaces on the interior.

On the latter, it seems Volkswagen has also learned their lessons and included a myriad of physical buttons on both the steering wheel and dashboard, plus even a rotary dial on the centre console for good measure.

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Based on initial specifications, it seems that Volkswagen isn’t cheapening out on performance, too. A front-mounted electric motor (a first in the ID line-up, enabled by the new MEB Entry platform) dispenses up to 226 hp of output, translating to a 0-100 km/h sprint time of under 7 seconds.

No battery size has been mentioned thus far, but Volkswagen says that the ID.2all will boast a WLTP driving range of around 450 km, and can be charged via DC power in approximately 20 minutes (10-80%).

How Volkswagen intends to achieve all that while still being profitable at such a low entry price is truly anyone’s guess, but we’re genuinely excited to see the German carmaker returning to its roots – especially since they’re also planning for ten more new EVs by 2026, including one priced under EUR20,000.

It’s the people’s car, after all.

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