This is getting out of control – delivery rider going against traffic at peak hour

This is getting out of control. Yesterday evening when the AutoBuzz team was on the way to dinner at 1 Utama in a Nissan Serena test unit, we saw something that was just beyond our belief; beyond all realms of sensibility.

A delivery rider was seen riding across traffic on the inner lane leading up to the 1 Utama cross junction, during peak hour traffic. The incident happened at around 6:45 pm, as indicated on our dashcam recording. 

As you’d expect, there were cars everywhere you looked at that hour and most were being driven by smartphones, and not with both hands on the steering wheel. Needless to say, not only does the mind-boggling act put the rider at risk of possible injuries or worse in the event of an accident, but it also puts other innocent motorists in harm’s way. It could’ve very easily turned very ugly.

While we’ve seen countless reports of vehicles going against traffic, this was a motorcycle with the rider completely exposed to all types of calamities. Whatever reason the rider had to resort to such a mindless act is beyond us, but it wouldn’t have been valid. 

If we’re pointing fingers, it would be on those who are in the position of power. Mindlessness aside, the extent of such errant behaviour is a testament to the zero enforcement by authorities and more importantly, by the relevant companies these riders are attached to. It’s not even a lack of it, it’s zero. 

Let’s hope this will be addressed under the new ‘Malaysia Madani’ (Civilised Malaysia) initiative announced by our new Prime Minister recently. This shouldn’t happen in a civilised world.



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