BMW cars in Malaysia now (finally) comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for free

BMW Malaysia has announced that starting this year, all BMW models will now come with Smartphone Integration and Connected Package Professional as standard – which means Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity will now be available for free. About damn time.

Smartphone Integration features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and will be available on both the iDrive 7 and iDrive 8 infotainment operating systems. For iDrive 8, Apple Maps will also further be adapted into the instrument cluster and head-up displays for an even more connected driving experience.

The feature previously required a one-time activation fee, priced at RM1,299, via the BMW ConnectedDrive store.

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Connected Package Professional meanwhile gives owners remote control to their cars via the My BMW App, and offers functionalities such as the ability to lock their doors, activating the headlight flash or horn, as well as starting the ventilation system.

The vehicle’s Last State Call (LSC) will also be available in the app, displaying relevant information about the status of the car including fuel level, mileage, status of doors and windows, Check Control Messages, pending services, and more. These features will be available on “lifetime offer”, providing that the technical prerequisites are met.

As part of the Connected Package Professional suite, customers will also be able to enjoy the BMW Maps Connected Charging and Connected Navigation features, although they will only be offered with “three years runtime”. Presumably, future updates will require a subscription.

BMW Maps Connected Charging is more relevant to EVs such as the BMW iX, iX3, and i4, allowing owners to not only check for public charging stations directly via the vehicle’s mapping system, but also to view past and ongoing charging sessions, and provide remote control functionalities for ongoing and upcoming charging sessions. The app will also notify users should there be any specific charging events.

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For non-electrified models, Connected Navigation allows for a more intuitive address input system and a more populated Point of Interest listing, thanks to the system being connected to the cloud database. Owners will also be able to send their destinations from the My BMW App to their vehicles, while a Last Mile feature can assist in navigating towards their destination should they need to travel by foot at the end of the journey.


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