Watch the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQG do a stationary tank turn

The electric Gelandewagen, called Mercedes-Benz EQG, is due to be unveiled sometime in 2024. Even though that is still at least a year away, Mercedes-Benz engineers are already hard at work to make sure it’s as capable as the reputation its name carries, or even more.

As part of its testing, the German carmaker is now showing off a new feature for the electric G-wagen, which lets it rotate freely while remaining in place, commonly known as the ‘tank turn’.

First shown off in a press conference back in May, the feature – dubbed ‘G-Turn’ – rotates each wheel on opposing sides of the axles in a different direction. The G-Turn is only made possible due to the four individual motors, one in each wheel.

To control the direction of the turn, the driver will just have to use the paddles on the steering wheel, while keeping the throttle planted.

A similar feature was previously advertised by Rivian for its electric pick-up truck and SUV, the R1S and R1T. Although for safety and environmental reasons according to the company, the tank turn feature was not shipped to customers, and still remains unavailable at the time of publishing.

The G-Turn is just one of the many unique features carmakers are adding to their electric vehicles in order to entice car buyers who might otherwise be more inclined to stick with a regular combustion engine-powered model. The fully-electric Hummer, unveiled back in 2020, also includes a ‘crab walk’ party trick that can be useful in trickier terrains.

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The Mercedes-Benz EQG is still more than a year away, but we do already know quite a few details about it. The carmaker has revealed that the EQG will be built on a ladder-frame platform and ride on independent front suspension, along with a rigid rear axle developed exclusively for electric vehicles, which means it’ll at least be as rugged as its predecessor.

We also somewhat know how it’ll look like, thanks to a “near-production” concept model that was unveiled back in September last year. Check that out in more detail here.

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