New one-off Ferrari SP48 Unica is a full-blown customised version of the F8 Tributo

The new SP48 Unica, the latest addition to Ferrari’s one-off series has joined an exclusive group of models that are forged based on a customer’s specific requirements.

The SP48 Unica, designed at the Ferrari Style Center is a two-seater Berlinetta created based on F8 Tributo. New design elements include redesigned front headlights and repositioned air intakes for the brakes.

The highlight of the SP48’s design lies in the extensive use of parametric-procedural modeling and 3D prototyping techniques deployed by the Ferrari Style Center designers and the engineers of Maranello to reshape what was originally the core design of the F8 Tributo.

The use of procedural modeling has resulted in the smooth transition from black to body colour; stretching across the windows, roof, and bonnet. The reduced side window area and the removal of the rear window have given the top half of the SP48 Unica a smooth visor look. The design of the car allows for the air intake for the intercoolers to be placed behind the side windows. 

Inside, the seats are wrapped in specially-developed laser-perforated Alcantara. Upon entering the SP48 Unica, the polished end caps with the same laser-embossed will also catch the attention of occupants.

The one-off Ferrari SP48 Unica was designed for a loyal Prancing Horse customer who was involved in every phase of its creation.

Ferrari’s Special Projects program is aimed at creating unique “pieces”, called One-Offs and is the embodiment of the customer’s requests. Each project starts from the client’s idea, developed together with a team of designers from the Ferrari Style Center. 

After nailing down the design, the next phase sees detailed technical drawings and a scale model before the construction of the car. The process takes over a year, during which the customer is involved in all phases of development and design verification.


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