2022 All-new Lexus NX open for booking, NX 250 and NX 350 from RM370k

Lexus Malaysia has announced that the all-new second-generation NX SUV is now available for booking. Prices start from RM370,888 for the NX 250 Luxury while the NX 350 F Sport starts from RM389,888 on-the-road without insurance, and includes SST exemptions.

The NX 250 is powered by a 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated engine with 204 hp and 243 Nm, while the more powerful NX 350 F Sport gets a 2.4-litre turbocharged engine with 275 hp and 430 Nm.

Both are fitted with 8-speed automatic transmissions, that feature Artificial Intelligence shift control. The system uses a camera to scan the road ahead, ensuring that the car is always in the right gear depending on the driving condition.

While it may be front-wheel drive most of the time, the Lexus NX can switch to all-wheel drive using the electronically-controlled AWD system to split power between the front and rear wheels. Lexus says the system reduces understeer and oversteer.

The Lexus NX rides on the new Lexus Global Architecture (GA-K) platform that offers 30% more rigidity over the previous generation, for better handling and stability through the corners. Over 95% of the Lexus NX consists of completely new components.

Inside, the Lexus NX come with far lesser physical controls, reserved only for frequently-used features. Specifications are yet to be revealed except for the 14-inch infotainment display, a head-up display, Apple Car and Android Auto features.

Safety features are provided by the Lexus Safety System Plus (LSS+), that comes with autonomous emergency braking that detects pedestrians and bicyclists, adaptive cruise control with stop and go function, adaptive high beam, a panoramic view monitor and more.

Among the highlights of the new Lexus NX is the e-latch door opener, that replaces the traditional two-step motion to open the doors from the inside – pulling the handle and pushing the door outwards. With the e-latch feature, passengers simply need to push a button to open doors from the inside in a single action.


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