Video: BMW iX xDrive40 fully-electric SUV review

The BMW iX is a car of many firsts; it’s the first to feature the BMW Curved Display and the first to feature a hexagonal steering wheel. It’s also the first fully-electric SUV we’ve driven.

It’s everything you’d expect of a BMW SUV; it’s spacious, it’s comfortable, it drives well and it’s very well equipped. The only slight inconvenience we experienced in the few days we had was charging time.

If you’re merely using a conventional household 3-pin wall socket to charge the car, as we have tried, it’s going to be tough to start every day with a “full tank” as it takes nearly 24 hrs to get the car charged to 100% in return for 425 km of electric driving range.

It’s not exactly a deal-breaker with fast-charging options available but with the rest of the iX being so compelling – in the way it drives and rides – it might prompt an unexpected dive into the electric car movement.

Watch and find out what else the BMW iX offers!


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