Nissan uses “ramen delivery” to show how smooth its electric all-wheel drive system is

Nissan just released a video of the “Nissan e-4ORCE Ramen Counter” project to show just how comfortable its vehicles, equipped with the e-4ORCE ride control technology, will be.

The video shows how a motorised serving tray with a “downsized” e-4ORCE technology can swiftly deliver ramen and maintain the noodle’s presentation by suppressing all the tiny movements. The e-4ORCE technology is also found in the new fully-electric Ariya crossover.

The “e-4ORCE ramen tray” uses two electric motors – each in the front and back – that operate independently from one another; just like an actual car with e-4ORCE. e-4ORCE is made up of three words; electric, 4-wheel control, and Force.

e-4ORCE is Nissan’s most advanced all-wheel control technology that accurately manages power output to each individual wheel and braking performance for smoothness and stability.

The system can apply the brakes on each wheel independently for the most efficient braking performance. The system also allows the driver to feel in full control of the vehicle, even in slippery conditions, by offering the most traction on the road surface.

Notice how the soup in the ramen is barely moving as the serving tray is moving (rather quickly) and Nissan says this is exactly how the driver and occupants of the Ariya and other Nissan vehicles equipped with the e-4ORCE system will feel. You can say goodbye to the dips and dives, along with other vehicle body movements from acceleration and braking – movements that are often the cause of motion sickness.


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