Armor All’s new car care products promises easy professional results at home

Energizer Malaysia today officially launched Armor All here on our shores, an American brand of car care products that promises easy “professional results” for your car washes at home.

Armor All’s offerings include products that cater to all automotive care needs, ranging from exterior care, wheel and tyres, windscreen and glass, to dashboard and leather cleaning products.

For the exterior, Armor All’s Waterless Wash & Wax Spray promises a “showroom ready” look for your car with just a quick spray and a gentle wipe. The Wheel & Tire Cleaner and Tire Foam spray meanwhile dissolve grease, road grime, and brake dust that have been stuck on to your wheels, leaving them shiny and protected “within minutes”.

As for your car’s interior, Armor All’s Protectant series help protect the surfaces against UV rays and oxidations, preventing cracks, discolouration, and premature ageing. The Leather Flow Wipes also come with added beeswax for extra protection and a matte finish on your leather seats.

Not driving your cars much these days? Here are some helpful tips to keep them in tip-top condition while staying at home!

“At Energizer, we understand our customers’ needs, including the changing needs of car owners during this pandemic, thus turning this change into an opportunity to enter the auto care segment in Malaysia,” said Energizer Holdings Malaysia and Singapore Business Director, Diane Lee.

“The quality of all Armor All formulations enables us to offer effective car care products that make cars look the best they can – at a value for money price. We are confident that we are offering an impactful difference to car owners looking for a product range that is easy to use yet works wonderfully.”

Armor All products can now be found at all Tesco and Lotus’s stores in Malaysia, with over 40 hyper/supermarket outlets nationwide, plus other selected supermarket chains.

More information can be found on Armor All’s mobile web app here, or at their Facebook page, linked here. Also, be sure to keep a lookout on their pages, because you might come across a very familiar face! 😉


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