Porsche Mission R already being driven hard without its beautiful shell!

The recently concluded 2021 IAA Munich Mobility Motor Show was a great first step back to normalcy for many, with plenty of new and concept models were introduced. The Porsche Mission R Concept however stole the show with its beautiful exterior design and a minimalistic but high-tech racing car interior.

Many of us would certainly assume it’s just another static design study as the main video highlighting the concept car looks digitally rendered.

While Porsche said it is a study of an all-electric GT racing car for the future, Porsche has just released more details about the Mission R Concept and it is certainly not just that!

The next-gen Porsche Macan is set to be exclusively EV! Find out more with the road test that has already begun.  

Beneath the beautiful red and white bodyshell made from sustainable fibres hide a very potent “rolling chassis”. The naked car that Porsche development driver Lars Kern is testing looks to be based on the current 718 Boxster, with the Porsche engineering team adding many borrowed items from the motorsports catalogue such as the seats, foot pedals, steering wheel.

The EV-only items such as motor mounts, next-generation oil-based cooling system and suspension arms are designed specifically for this development chassis.

A 3D-printed transmission case is also made to bring the weight down as much as possible, with this component weighing 30% lighter than a cast unit. The target is to achieve under 1,500 kg, similar to the current 718 Boxster GTS 4.0.

Porsche is planning to offer a smaller EV sedan. Find out more about the project here!    

At 4,326 mm in length, the Porsche Mission R is slightly shorter than the current 718 Boxster, but it is noticeably wider at 1,990 mm and naturally lower being a full-fledged racing sports car. While the concept car is said to have up to 1,088 hp via a dual-motor set up and a century sprint time of just 2.5 seconds, Kern said the development car already provided a lot of fun as it is.



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