Berjaya Sompo introduces new ‘Motorsafe’ package

It has been over 500 days since the announcement of the first movement control order (MCO) in March 2020. Many of us in Malaysia started working from home, no more fetching the kids from school and travelling by car has been severely restricted to just within one’s own state.

As such, our cars now spend most of the time parked rather than out on the road. Based on plenty of statistical analysis by motor insurance companies such as Berjaya Sompo, they have begun offering a mileage-based insurance coverage, and with that a lower annual premium.

As Berjaya Auto takes over the distributorship of the Peugeot brand in Malaysia, they would first like to know existing owners better. More about the initiative here.

 “At Berjaya Sompo, we seek to provide the best value for our customers’ insurance coverage. With SOMPO Motorsafe, we have designed a policy that allows customers to choose coverage according to their mileage needs at the discounted premium rates while still enjoying comprehensive protection. By using telematics technology, we are able to safeguard our customers’ driving journeys without them having to face any financial difficulties.” said Berjaya Sompo, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tan Sek Kee.

The new SOMPO Motorsafe plan offers vehicle owners three different mileage plans to suit the annual needs of travelling, namely 5,000 km, 10,000 km and 15,000 km. The company will keep track of the mileage via a Bluetooth- enabled SOMPO Tag that is paired with the SOMPO Motorsafe app.

Mr Tan further added that the new SOMPO Motorsafe policy is suitable for households with more than two cars in their household, low mileage drivers as well as “weekend cars”.

Three key features are provided by the SOMPO Tag, such as the ‘bCall’ emergency button for breakdown or emergency road assistance, while the ‘eCall’ functions for automatic accident alert and emergency response for severe crashes.

The third feature in the Berjaya SOMPO Tag assist driver to instil undistracted driving practices by sending a ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ beep if the driver is using the smartphone while driving.  

As for the insurance coverage, SOMPO Motorsafe covers loss or damage to the vehicle due to accident, fire and theft, third-party injury, death or property damage within the chosen mileage plans.

Other benefits under the policy include 24-hour Rakan Auto Assist, SOMPO Repair Warranty of 12 months, all-driver coverage and special perils coverage.

Just drove 2,000 km in the last six months? It is still time to get the vehicle serviced, especially if you want to keep the warranty intact.

To learn more about the new mileage-based Berjaya SOMPO Motorsafe motor insurance plan, visit their website here for more details.

Main image credit: Facebook/Inforoadblock


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