The next time you’re at Porsche showroom for a new ride or even just for motivation, you might be fooled for being in a high-end fashion boutique with some 911s parked in it.

And that’s exactly what new customers of the Stuttgart brand in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Tainan, Taiwan can expect at the latest Porsche Studios in the region.

The new concept stores, with a more contemporary, boutique-like feel, revolves around the idea of “Destination Porsche” and is already being rolled out at other Porsche centres around the world.

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Not only can the new studios serve as event spaces but more impressively as dedicated spaces for art exhibitions by local artists. Visitors will also be able to immerse themselves in Porsche’s heritage and learn more about the company’s journey towards electric mobility.

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For the more reserved customers, there are undisturbed and private areas to do their “shopping” whereas, for those who want a better visual of the car while specifying it, they can even do so through augmented reality.

“The new Porsche Studios offers an easy way to immerse yourself in the Porsche brand. Within the next months and years, we will roll out the idea behind this concept across all our stores” said Porsche.