The Mercedes-AMG SL roadster’s interior blends “old school cool” with modern tech

As is standard with Mercedes-Benz’s slow-drip teaser campaign treatments, the German carmaker has now unveiled the interior of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG SL-Class ahead of its launch, which is expected to happen later this year.

As a whole, the company says that the interior styling is reminiscent of the first 300 SL model, with design elements inspired by the aviation world. Mercedes is using the word “hyperanalogue” to describe the cabin, which supposedly means a “mix of analogue geometry and digital world”.

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The most obvious example of this is the SL’s instrument cluster, which is a fully digital 12.3-inch screen, but wrapped in a “high-tech visor” instead of the usual free-standing ones we see on other new Mercedes-Benz models. The company says that this cuts down the glare caused by sunlight while driving, which makes us wonder why it’s not standard on its other models.

As for the aviation touches, these include the symmetrical wrap-around “wing” profile of the entire dashboard, the galvanised turbine nozzles for the climate control which sits in “power domes” on top of the dashboard, as well as the NACA air intake-inspired styling on the centre console, as seen on the AMG GT and GT 4-Door Coupe.

The latter transitions from the hand rest upwards towards the 11.9-inch infotainment touchscreen display, oriented in the portrait format first introduced on the all-new S-Class. Mercedes says that the portrait format is better for ergonomics, especially during navigation, and the tilt of the entire panel can be electrically adjusted to reduce reflections and glare while driving.

The all-new Mercedes-AMG SL roadster will offer a 2+2 seating configuration for the first time since the SL in 1989. Mercedse says that rear seats can ferry people of up to 150 cm tall (i.e. kids), but when not needed, a draught-stop can be fitted to protect the front passengers from unwanted airflow around the neck – or, you know, folded down to carry bigger items such as golf bags.

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As expected, there’s a wide range of interior finish on offer here, including single- or two-tone nappa leather that can be paired to a variety of stitching pattern and colours, or even the Dinamica Race microfibre with contrasting red or yellow topstitching for a racier look.

“The interior of the new Mercedes-AMG SL pampers driver and passengers with sophisticated luxury,” said Mercedes-AMG Chairman of the Board of Management, Philipp Schiemer.

“The new SL combines the highest levels of comfort and quality in its interior, coupled with just the right amount of sportiness. The high-quality combination of analogue world and state-of-the-art digital equipment makes one thing clear: the new SL is the rebirth of an icon for the modern era.”

Pitting the interiors of the old and new models side by side, though, we must say that the SL connections are… mild to say the least. Maybe how the door panel flows from the dashboard, or how they both have turbine-style air vents (which aren’t unique to the SL, anyway)? We don’t know, but at least it’s confirmed that both of them won’t have a roof – at least not all the time.

Either way, the Mercedes-AMG SL will feature an aluminium spaceframe chassis, which weighs just 270 kg on its own. A range of powertrain options will most likely be offered, including a variant with AMG’s latest electrified offerings – we should know more about these particulars very soon.



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