Lotus is working with renowned British music producer, Patrick Patrikios, known for his work with Britney Spears, Sia and Pixie Lott, to developed an engine note for the all-electric Evija.

The Evjia’s “voice” will be taken from the most iconic race car in the company’s history, the V8-powered Type 49.

“We wanted to create a soundscape for the Evija that was recognisably and distinctively Lotus. There’s a purity to that V8, a raw edge and an emotion that stirs something in your soul,” Patrick said.

The process began with the recording of the Type 49, and in the process of digitally manipulating the V8 sound, both Patrick and Lotus’ engineers realised that slowing the engine note down created a similar frequency to the natural driving sound produced by the Evija.

“We all wanted something to spark an emotional connection between car and driver. Sound is hugely influential when it comes to creating and forming emotions, to enrich that bond that’s such a critical part of the Lotus experience.”

That’s not all; from the V8 sounds, Patrick has also derived other chimes and tones for other functions of the Evija such as the turn indicators and seat belt warning.

The iconic Type 49 was famously known for winning the first-ever Formula 1 race it participated in 1967, with the legendary Jim Clark at the helm. It also went on to clinch pole position at every race for the rest of the same season. The following year, Graham Hill won the F1 Driver’s Championship in the same car.


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