Mansory is no stranger to the aftermarket scene, specialising in outrageous modifications on luxury vehicles – but none of those prepared us even a bit for what you’re about to see. This here is the Mansory BSTN GT XI, and yes, it’s a lawnmower. Perhaps even more absurdly, it’s also a homage to the original Air Jordan sneakers. We’ll explain…

The BSTN GT XI was actually launched back in December last year as a collaboration piece with sneakers retailer BSTN, in conjunction with the launch of the new “Air Jordan XI Jubilee”. As for its relevance to the shoe, Air Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield was supposedly inspired by a ride-on lawnmower, more or less like this one just without all the custom modifications, when he penned the original Air Jordan XI – or so the legend goes anyway.

In terms of design, the BSTN GT XI is pretty on-brand for Mansory here. There’s a front fascia that somewhat resembles that of the Mercedes-Benz G Wagen, along with a gratuitous amount of custom exposed carbon fibre parts all around the lawnmower – from the leather-wrapped seats to the steering wheel.

Just like the sneakers, the Mansory BSTN GT XI also gets the Jordan Jumpman logos littered across the bodywork, along with the BSTN and Mansory logos, all finished in silver – apparently the traditional colour of the 25th anniversary Air Jordan shoe.

Mansory also made a custom shell for the collecting bag at the back (out of carbon fibre of course), and naturally, they had to stick a wing on top of it. Capping off the design are the white-walled knobby tyres, stenciled with the BSTN and Jumpman logos.

The Mansory lawnmower you see here is fortunately (unfortunately?) a one-off, though you’ll probably be able to buy the sneakers – at an eye-gouging premium from the scalpers and resellers online.


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