“Simply accelerating fast in a straight line is not enough,” said BMW on the new i4

Due to be unveiled in the coming months, the new BMW i4, which will lead the way for future electric BMWs with a balance between dynamics and comfort, is undergoing the final phase of driving dynamics testing.

Currently, BMW is testing the integration of all drive and suspension components, to ensure that the spontaneous power delivery is combined with precise handling and ride comfort.

“For the first time, we’ve developed a BMW with sporty DNA for purely electric driving entirely from scratch. All electric vehicles are capable of fast straight-line acceleration but that’s not enough for us at BMW,” the company said.

The company highlighted that the virtually silent drive combined with the i4’s sophisticated suspension will give the impression of an effortlessly floating vehicle even at higher speeds; unaffected by road bumps or low traction conditions.

With an output of 530 hp, the i4 is capable of doing 0 to 100km/h in just four seconds. It is also expected to return up to 600 km of electric range.

However, quick acceleration is only one aspect of it. The i4 promises spontaneous reactions to every movement – not just from the accelerator pedal but also from the steering and brake pedal.

The BMW i4 features a model-specific damper technology to reduce dipping movements of the body during set-off. Also, an actuator-related wheel slip limitation (ARB) developed by BMW, as seen in the 2 Series Gran Coupe, with its extremely fast and precise control guarantees optimum traction and perfect straight-line stability at all times.

This will allow the BMW i4 to catapult in an exciting yet carefree manner, without being affected by drive slip or course corrections.

The steering in the i4 is also a major contributing factor. It responds directly and with a high degree of accuracy, offering the driver precise feedback at all times even during intensive acceleration or deceleration.

“The BMW i4 conveys the feeling of being light and agile yet also solid and authoritative. With its superior agility and high level of cornering stability, it seems to literally attach itself to the road,” says project manager, David Alfredo Ferrufino Camacho.


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