The next time you’re struggling to complete a task or overcome a challenge, think about this 18-year Ghanaian called Kelvin and his homemade car. As dodgy and ratchet as it car looks, you can’t help but admire the dedication and ambition of the young man, in the face of overwhelming odds.

It may seem like a half-hearted science project of an 8-year old, but it took Kelvin three years to complete with some help from his friends. There were times where he even skipped school to build the car!

The homemade car comes complete with the bare necessities like headlamps, side mirrors, instrument gauges, radio, shock absorbers from a motorcycle, and even an ignition switch! That’s not all; because it was his car to build, at his complete discretion, he even fitted it with gull-wing doors!

If that isn’t inspiring enough for you, wait till you hear the encouraging words from the man himself.

We’ve not stopped tearing since.

Source: Drew Binsky

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Pan Eu Jin
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